Glycolic Acid - Live Now Skincare Science

Glycolic Acid - Live Now Skincare Science


  • Reduces dead cell build up/exfoliates epidermis
  • Reduced hyper pigmentation
  • Helps to minimize fine lines
  • Stimulates cellular growth/increases cell turnover rate
  • Improves microvascular blood flow
  • Improves the clarity of the skin
  • Prepares the skin for absorption of other treatments
  • Increases moisture content and collagen deposition
  • Increase glycosaminoglycan(G.A.G) deposition
  • Increases epidermal growth
  • Decreases stratum corneum thickness
    (Reference- physicians and surgeons skin resurfacing system)


Some people are more sensitive to AHA glycolic acid than others. People with high sensitivity to AHA glycolic acid can use fewer products and will achieve the same benefits as their counterparts who are less sensitive and require additional products. Less than 1% of the population are allergic to AHA glycolic acid.


Because it is impossible to predict how every individual will respond to AHA glycolic acid treatment, it is wise they begin slowly and increase product usage as the skin tolerates it. This may take a few weeks.

The outer Stratum Corneum becomes thicker with age. The cosmetic industry has taught us to moisturize thoroughly. These moisturizing agents act much like glue and hold more dead skin cells to the skin’s surface. Progressively it requires more and more moisture to keep this greatly thickened layer intact. AHA glycolic acid acts in the opposite direction to rid the skin of this heavy layer of dead cells.

People who have continually moisturized and have generated a thick Stratum Corneum are going to feel dry for the first couple of days to a week and will feel the urge to add additional moisturizers. They should limit the amount of additional moisturizers they apply and allow the thick layer to slough off. In the future they will require far less moisturizing.


As the thickened Stratum Corneum begins to loosen and slough off during the first two to three days of glycolic acid use, the skin may appear drier, more wrinkled and cloudier than it had previously. This is normal and as these outer layers of cells slough off, the skin will begin looking better and continue to improve more and more. It is important that clients understand this and do not discontinue use before they feel the products are not working correctly.


  • A slight tingling may occur
  • Roughness in skin texture
  • Dryness or flaky skin
  • Cloudy, wrinkled skin
  • Impurities and blemishes may rise to skin surface.
    This is both normal and temporary and will disappear in a few days.


Some people begin using too much product or too many products too quickly and their skin will become red and irritated. They should stop for a day or two. As they begin using active products again, they need to progress more slowly.

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